I understand that it's a big step to enlist the services of someone else when you're after honest, qualified and impartial advice. So please take a moment to read the comments I have received from a few of my clients...

I decided to compete in 2016, 25 years after winning my first show! Having made a return to the competitive arena in 2011 I had moved slowly up the rankings prepping myself with solid advice from those I trusted. This year I asked for Jonís assistance as I thought a fresh approach and support would enable me to concentrate on my training and diet without doubts and Ďsecond guessingí if I was on track or not.

Having Jonís support during the prep was invaluable. It turned out that my ideas on how to prep and his were very much along the same lines so nothing major needed to be changed from previous years. Injury management was the order of the day, my main stumbling block after a car crash in 2012. With the sensible training approach we set up I was able to train hard all year, with very few setbacks.

In the weeks leading up to the show Jon advised me on a number of small changes that added up to a noticeable improvement to my physique. Not having to worry about if I was on track, I had the luxury of just getting my head down and getting on with it. It certainly worked out well as I got into the best shape of my life and was able to win both the Northern BNBF and UKDFBA Championships.

I would certainly recommend Jon as a coach to both newcomers to the sport and the experienced competitor alike. He has a wealth of knowledge and puts a great deal of care and professionalism into his work!

Chris Chapman
BNBF Northern Masters Champion 2016
UKDFBA Northern Counties Masters Champion 2016
I had a major goal this year to compete again - no mean feat, as I'd spent a few years out of the gym, have a 4 year old to look after, had no gym to train at for 2 months prior to competitions this year - and it'd been 12 yrs since I'd last placed at a bodybuilding competition!

Jon was an amazing coach from start to finish, so motivating and inspiring with great and effective advice that meant I achieved absolutely optimal results in a relatively short period of time. Not only did I genuinely step on stage this year in the best shape of my life, I also genuinely enjoyed the process, hit all training goals and surpassed all competing goals by making the NPA Finals. Jon's coaching was invaluable - he is without doubt a very talented coach who really understands the sport and I would recommend him to anyone!

Elesa Zendhorfer
2016 NPA South East Silver Medal Winner & Britain Finalist - Masters Figure
I began working with Jon in the summer of 2015 and set about my goal of competing in 2016. I came to natural bodybuilding as an injured (but still passionate) runner, and my physique reflected this. I clearly had a lot of 'growing' to do to build the shape I desired, and Jon built my plan around me. Not just around my shape, but around my lifestyle and eating preferences, which was crucial as a toddler mum!

I travelled down to see Jon every 6-8 weeks after that, and at each consultation we'd review my progress, looking at my current shape, the training I needed to do and what I needed to be eating. Jon organised my training splits and macros and was always on the end of an email should I have needed to check something, and I kept detailed eating and training diaries which helped Jon make the best decisions for my next steps.

I finally stepped on stage on June 5th 2016 at the UKDFBA USN Classic and I was delighted with a podium finish and a lovely bronze trophy! I most certainly would not have achieved this without Jon's help and support and I can't wait to see how I can improve for next time! #teamharris !

Helen Collins
2016 UKDFBA USN Classic Bronze Medal Winner - Ladies Bikini, Tall Division
It was a privilege having your help Jon for the last 6 weeks of prep leading up to the WNBF Worlds. Having your help and guidance in the final stages of prep raised my game and physique in terms of condition and fullness that enabled me to present my best package to date at the Worlds.

Never would I imagine that for the last 3 weeks I would be doing zero cardio and then eating a little bit more coming into the show! It was a great feeling to be told that I'm shredded contest ready with 2 weeks to go, so a massive thank you for all your help Jon!

Damian Lees
2013 UKDFBA British Lightweight Champion & WNBF Worlds Runner-Up
I have been a keen natural bodybuilder for many years and there's not a training program or diet that I have not tried or tested in some way. Jon Harris is a former Mr World, so if I was going to speak to anyone, it would be someone who had added muscle without all the drugs!

Whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned pro, Jon will give you the information you need to completely transform your physique. And you want to know the greatest thing about it? IT WAS EASY! Dont hesitate, contact Jon and stop wasting your time buying Health Magazines. Invest in yourself, invest in your body and invest in your future.

Joseph Webb
I contacted Jon for an online consultation in order to format a plan for further improving my physique. I then filled in an assessment form and emailed it to Jon with some pictures and background information. Within a week I had received a detailed plan consisting of:

  • An overall honest view of my physique.
  • A realistic and attainable exercise plan that is specific to my goals (both long term and short term)
  • A dietary plan that is practical and doesn't involve lots of costly supplements

    I had been researching the wealth of information available online, much of which is contradictory to the next available article! Jon has put together a plan and format which fits in with my age, lifestyle and goals and takes into consideration the equipment available in the gym I train in.

    If self improvement is your primary goal then I would honestly recommend Jon's services. Jon provides a very reasonably priced and highly effective plan of action for your needs.

    Pat Walshe
  • I went to see Jon for a consultation as I was stuck in a rut with my training and prep for my shows next year. By the time I left I had a great new diet and training program. Jon took into account my lifestyle and also made sure that I didn't have to spend a fortune on food and supplements.

    Overall it was a great experience and would recommend to anyone. I will also be using Jon for my competition prep next year.

    Sam Cockle
    I met Jon for a consultation with a view to competing in bodybuilding in the near future. I found the session very useful, covering training, diet and future goals. I trusted Jon's advice given his own success.

    Jon listened to my current training/nutrition plan and made helpful changes, discussing how they would help me. The suggested plan was tailored to my own needs, abilities and time demands and was not simply something 'off the shelf'.

    Jon was keen to ensure that I got the most value from the session and that all my questions were answered.

    I left the session with greater knowledge, motivation and a clear plan to achieve my own goals. I look forward to returning in the next few weeks.

    Philip Crosbie
    Iíve had the pleasure of having two consultations with Jon and on both occasions left his place feeling motivated and better equipped to make those, hard earned, physique improvements. We covered all aspects of training on the first session, diet, training, technique and rest/lifestyle.

    During our second session we focussed more on fine tuning my current programme and diet, we also focussed on some small changes in my training in order to hit those weak body parts, we all have them Iím sure!

    I would strongly recommend Jon as a trainer/consultant if youíve decided to take the ďnaturalĒ path to a better physique, after all itís a long hard journey so why not seek advice from someone who has been there and achieved greatness?

    Owen Thorogood
    I have had 3 consultations with Jon Harris over the last 5 years, each time I have been given a great deal of fantastic advice. This is always given concisely, and constructively delivered in a down to earth manner. The advice Jon gives you is tailor made to each individual's requirements. Being a fairly experienced natural bodybuilder for many years, following strict diet and exercise disciplines, Jon has given me confidence over many nagging doubts I have or indeed given me help on how to alter certain issues to make them more effective.

    I would certainly recommend anyone who needs any advice on diet, training, supplementation, and physique should certainly have a consultation with Jon, he offers good value for money for the service he offers.

    Justin Robertshaw
    I recently received an email consultation from Jon, and with it being Jon Harris I have to say I expected a lot. I was not disappointed! Just a day or two after sending him my current pictures and completed assessment form where I detailed my current program, diet and goals, I received a comprehensive response. Jon assessed my current physique, diet and training and detailed a diet and exercise plan that matched my goals and the strengths and weaknesses of my physique. After a few follow up questions, which Jon was more than happy to answer, I implemented Jonís action plan and really believe that it will bring me much further to my physique goals. All this for an extremely reasonable price. Thanks so much Jon and I look forward to meeting you in person for a one to one session very soon.

    Lee Devaney