Nutrition for the bodybuilder is just as important as hard training. When it comes to meal planning, small regular meals are better than fewer large ones. I strive to eat at least 5 times a day, thus ensuring that my body is being fed a constant supply of quality nutrients. Your body needs lots of good quality protein to rebuild your muscles after those gruelling workouts. 1g of protein per pound of lean bodyweight should be the minimum to aim for. You can get quality protein from a variety of sources including lean red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk and high protein vegetable sources such as nuts and beans. It can be difficult to ensure you are getting enough protein so it's wise to consider using a quality whey protein supplement such as Maximuscle Promax which I use daily.

If you are looking to gain solid weight then you will also need plenty of quality carbs. Potatoes, wholegrain rice and oats are healthy ways to add complex carbs to your diet. But don't forget to include fruit and vegetables as they add essential vitamins, minerals and fibre to your diet. If you are looking to lose bodyfat then it's a good idea to trim back the carbs as they can be easily stored as bodyfat, especially those of the refined kind such as bread and pasta.

Fat is often considered the enemy in Western diets, but the truth is that most people consume too much of the wrong types of fats and not enough of the good ones. By eating plenty of nuts, seeds, and fresh, oily fish like salmon, you will help ensure you get all the omega 3, 6 and 9's that your body needs. In addition to these foods I also recommend Udo's Choice Blend Oil which has the correct balance of omega fats which are essential to good health and recovery from training.

One often overlooked aspect of nutrition is water. During and after training the body utilises a lot of water to flush out toxins and facilitate cell recovery. Strive to drink at least 4 litres of water a day, every day. A hydrated body is a healthy one, and workout performance increases when cell hydration levels are maximised.

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