'Pro Natural' Book reviews

"This is a great book for someone wanting to lose weight, a bodybuilding enthusiast or just someone who wants to change his or her workouts. This is the book for getting inspired to start a new healthy lifestyle with almost 200 pages to read. I myself am a natural competitive athlete in bodybuilding and I have tried different diets, different training programs, etc. Jon is a top World natural athlete and keeps it very simple without confusing you. Reading different books & forums out there can be very confusing & I just sensed that this book would help me go in the right direction. It has a nice easy reading style and is full of personal stories and photos. It is partly a chronicle of Jon�s career, and partly a fitness book.

One of the greatest strengths of this book is that it is written in an understandable easy read, a straightforward routine with his recommended exercises. Good suggestions on food choices/portions to get you into better shape (low body fat and keep the hard earned muscle). He recognizes that fitness for men and for women is done through hard work. He also points out that to make change takes real work and effort.

Locked inside each of us is the person we want to be. Others might not recognize it yet, but I'm telling you, it's in there. Even against ridiculous odds, what propels you forward and separates you from the rest? P.R.I.D.E., which stands for Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination, and Excitement. If you have these five elements in your life, Jon proves you can accomplish almost anything. With effort and time, results will be visible. His beginnings were inspirational. His determination paid in the end after the setbacks.

It's very Important to understand the difference between dreams and goals. Dreams are things we wish for, things you enjoy thinking about but don't really know when they will happen. Goals, on the other hand, are specific things you have decided you need to accomplish within a clearly defined period of time. Jon�s techniques will help you to make your dreams become goals and the goals to become reality. He also shows his daily food journal (contest/off season) on what he does for the day.

Once you think you know it all, that�s where you can get to a stand still in any part of your life. Knowledge is power."

- Tony Montalbano, NPA Pro-Am Champion, Musclemania World Champion

"I bought Jon�s book at the BNBF Manchester show and can�t recommend it enough to anyone thinking of getting it. No matter how much you think you know, there is always something new to learn and the book covers every aspect of BB in a very natural and honest style. Although there is plenty on information out there now on the web, it is still great to have a reference book to pick up at any time that isn�t filled with all the hype and nonsense that covers the magazines nowadays. Just think, if you learn even one thing from the book that makes a difference to you physique (and you will) then it surely justifies the price. Great job Jon."

- Campbell Brogan, BNBF Scottish Champion

"Right you guys and dolls out there, buy Jon's book! I bought one at Edinburgh and I recommend it to any natural bodybuilder, as a bible to have at hand, be it for training, diet, contest preparation etc. Prior to the Sunday Show I was getting all kinds of mixed messages to what I should do or not do, and if I had had Jon's book it would have answered any doubts I had about the advice been given to me. If you wonder what I am jabbering on about, natural and non-natural contest diet preparation is similar but not exactly the same, what works for one might not work for another. On Sunday I think I got it about 90 % right and with Jon�s book I hope to go an extra 10/20 % for the Finals in October. Best wishes to you all, keep pumping a-whey."

- Eric Morris, BNBF British Champion and Natural Powerlifting Champion

"PRO NATURAL was an excellent read and an essential reference that covers every aspect of Bodybuilding from training to offseason and precontest dieting. A bio on Jon and a comprehensive guide to posing. With Jon�s coaching on posing I was able to hit he stage as a first timer and present myself in a more confident manner! DON�T UNDERESTIMATE WHAT POSING COACHING CAN ADD TO YOUR CONTEST PREP!"

- Lucky

"I have just received the book today from Jon. First impressions are the photo of Jon on the front cover - speechless! I have been glued to the book all day. It is very easy to read and understand and VERY informative. The binder style is a great idea and I am sure many other training manuals will adopt this style, it�s a simple but effective idea. Already I have began to change my training plans and re-look ay my year round diet. The chapter on posing is where the book is most valuable to me. I have never seen all of the mandatory poses, or really understood what the judges are actually looking for. I am sure everyone will benefit from this! Thanks Jon, it�s a book that I have been waiting for and it has answered many burning questions!"

- Andy Mac

"Book received yesterday and I have already devoured large chunks of the text. Great stuff, I have enjoyed what I have read so far. For your own sake not sure about the ring binder as it makes it all a little too easy for folks to photocopy, although for the posing section it�s good to lift out the pages and put them on the wall next to a mirror to practise. Only formative comment so far was being a little frustrated by some missing info on your meal plan description. No weight shown next to the food items, so unable to calculate your intake of grams of: PRO, CHO, FAT and daily calories. [Jon: Thanks for the tip Martin much appreciated. I have since added all nutritional breakdowns for the 2006 release of the book.] I�ll keep reading though to see if I haven�t yet reached the part that let�s me identify this. So far the best bodybuilding publication I�ve read that provides clear guidance in an easy to follow no-nonsense fashion. My youngest boy (15) has already shown some signs of being interested in weight training, so at last I have what appears to be the definitive guide. I have to admit to looking back at all the training mistakes and poor guidance I have received over the years and I do regret that information of this standard wasn�t available when I first started pumping iron. Many Congrats."

- Martin Magee

"I received the book you sent me, and can I say I�m REALLY impressed with it! It must have taken you ages to write. It contains all the advice that�s been seriously lacking in all the other books I�ve bought over the years. This genuinely is the ONLY book a natural will ever need � you�ve done a fantastic job, and it deserves to be a sell-out. Many thanks."

- Mark Elliott

"Many thanks for the prompt delivery of your book which I received yesterday. I have read it cover to cover and find it to be one of the most useful books I have ever read. It is nice to read a book which is relevant to the natural bodybuilder and I believe it is a must-have for any bodybuilder who is thinking of competing. Good job."

- Jon Bibb, NPA British Champion

"What a cracking book! I have read a few BB books over the past year, gaining different knowledge and tips from each. I think you can never stop learning about the sport, but in each case I began to wonder if they were aimed at the natural bodybuilders. Your book is simple to digest and you know that the principals are primarily aimed at people naturally building. It was good to read about your past too, giving the book a personal touch and showing that it takes dedication and hard work to get into peak shape, it doesn�t happen overnight! Excellent read and a must have for any natural bodybuilder. Cheers Jon."

- Lee Jerwood

"I received Jon�s book as I was the winner of the quiz posted on the forum a few weeks back. I was at the time saving up to buy the book anyway, and winning it was a bonus! Well there is only really one word to describe Pro Natural and that is - Inspiring! The book is jam packed with information from the novice bodybuilder to I believe professional level. The book contains every piece of information a natural gym rat needs to get ripped for the stage, or even just to reach their goals of sculpting a better body. The section on Jon�s background I feel was the best part of the book, as it highlighted the ups and downs of a bodybuilder, and the feelings he explains I know every bodybuilder out there can relate to! His attitude to never give up shines through. The training and nutrition principles were an enthralling read, and Jon clearly points out that more is not always better. Jon�s weights used are also listed which gives you and indication of how freaky strong the guy is! The nutrition section is also very well written and explains the main differences between off season and competition prep, and I believe if you follow the wise words of the man, you will get shredded for your next competition! To all us newbies out there and people who are looking to compete in there first competition, the posing section will be like a bible to us, as it shows clearly through the use of pictures and words how to hit every mandatory pose in the book and powerful poses that could be used in the evening show. The mental strength section will keep everyone out there suffering with contest prep the enthusiasm and drive to keep on going through those difficult weeks ahead! Overall this book is awesome and I guarantee when you get it you wont put it down! Also I would like to thank Jon for the kind message he wrote in the book to me! This will keep me going over the next year and make all the negative comments and put you downs made by people seem ever-so pathetic! Thanks Jon, you are the real deal."

- Ryan Broomhall

"I received my copy of Pro Natural a few days ago and have completed my first read through. I think it is an excellent piece of work and that Jon has just hit the right balance in terms of the information he provides the reader with. I am particularly impressed with Jon�s openness and how he has been prepared to provide an insight into how bodybuilding has impacted on his personal life. It�s also reassuring to know that someone like Jon breaks his diet and takes time out every so often. I would certainly recommend the book. I�m now going to read it again."

- Chris Cetty

"Being a total novice to bodybuilding up until about a year ago, I needed quality information. This seemed very difficult to obtain apart from the local lads giving advice in the gyms, which was all well and good, but it all conflicted and made me very confused. Aches and pains followed, and it was time to get to the bottom of all this. I never had any interest in taking drugs to help my training, unlike most of the lads training alongside me. I was beginning to think that maybe I was the odd one out. Weeks and months passed. I must have quizzed everybody I came into contact with. I was really getting myself in a rut, then Bingo! I found this web site and things suddenly started to make sense. I had been doing everything wrong, so it was time to correct my errors and get down to business. With the help of this web site and Jon�s book I now have a better perspective on my training. I now know how to train, when to train, what to eat, when to eat, what to take and what not to take etc. My training has never been better. I feel totally confident in all aspects of my new fitness and training schedule. A VERY BIG THANKYOU TO JON AND ALL YOU GUYS ON THIS FORUM FOR SHOWING ME THE RIGHT WAY TO DO THINGS! Keep up the good work."

- Steve

"Thoroughly recommend this book. Whether beginner, intermediate or with years of competing behind you, there will be something in there. I�ve just started training seriously and I only wish I had something like this when I was younger. So many wasted years not knowing about nutrition and effective training etc! I�m only on my first week using the advanced training programme and whilst it�s hard going, I reckon if I don�t keel over trying it will get me in shape for sure!"

- Darren Cairns

"Jon, the book is awesome. As expected I was totally inspired and went straight out to train legs. I trained with fire in my belly but that fire is now in my bloody legs!!! To anybody who is interested in bodybuilding I would recommend this book. Speaking as a novice, I have read a million articles on training and a million and 1 articles on nutrition. The problem is you never really know how to construct them into a programme, which will give results. With Jon�s book the off-season and pre-contest diets are spelled out, and the training programme is given in detail. I am convinced that if I follow Jon�s diet and training to the letter, then I will achieve my potential. Forget Joe Weider� Jon Harris, trainer of champions!!!"

- John Foy

"Read it cover to cover twice the day I got it, My dads on his second reading and he only plays at training. Jon has pitched it at just the right level. What comes across best is his approach to sensibly enjoy the off-season and then �nose to the grindstone� come pre-contest time, whilst keeping your life balanced work ethic. Glad I spent my money on this rather than putting it towards a PS2! It�s going to live at the side of my sofa, as it�s nice and easy to read a few pages whilst the adverts are on."

- Jamie Allonby

"I received Jon�s book for my birthday a few weeks ago. Have read it all of course, but it�s great for dipping into every-now-and-then. I like the way that Jon comes over as being human. He shows his frailties and self-doubts and this gives comfort to those of us that are mere mortals. As I enter my third week of pre-contest dieting I know I shall be returning to Jon�s book again, and again. I can heartily recommend it."

- Andy Smith

"In my experience training books can often be good to read but hard to translate into natural bodybuilding. However I found Jon�s approach is very down to earth and reader-friendly. I keep going back to it and find as my training progresses I can apply more and more of the information contained in the book. After reading and applying the information to areas of my training and nutrition I can say with confidence that it was money well spent and recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about bodybuilding, or simply how to get into better shape."

- Thor Ahmed

"I received your book Pro Natural a few days ago and have read it cover to cover in one sitting. It is great!!! I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the balanced, no bullshit, unbiased and realistic approach and style. I don�t know if I read anything I was totally unfamiliar with, (I am a Personal Trainer so read avidly on the subjects of health, fitness, nutrition and bodybuilding), but as you are somewhat of a role model to me (I think you are the best Natural Bodybuilder there is!) it was good to read your views and to learn about how you achieved what looks to me the perfect body. Your comments on training and supplementation are a joy to read in an age where we are constantly seduced by the quick fix and the easy options promising fantastic results for little effort. I always knew deep down there was no substitute for determination, commitment and sheer hard work, and that the claims of the supplement companies are largely outrageous, so it was great to read your clear and concise opinions, which are obviously backed up by the proof of your success. The section on competitions, posing, etc., is the best I have seen, though I am a long way from needing it yet. I am 50 and have been seriously training for about a year with good results, but want so much more and it is a slower process at my age, I think, though not, of course, impossible! I train with weights 5 days, a different muscle group each day - the four day split is too exhausting and I find I do better not having the rest day mid-week and spreading the load over the five days - and this is working well for me. With your help I feel I am about to launch off to a new level and looking forward to even better results. I look forward to meeting you in person one day when I come to one of the competitions. Yours with renewed enthusiasm!"

- Derek

"What a great book. Since being injured I have not been able to train upper body at all for nearly 8 weeks and have watched all my previous years gains vanish ... Reading Pro Natural has given me the passion which had almost gone through frustration. When my shoulder is fully fit I will return to training with more mental energy and drive! I am now determined to get the physique I want rather than hope one day I get it."

- Gary Dyke