I first got involved in bodybuilding at only 12 years of age. Training hard throughout my teens I entered my first contest at 17 - which I won. Later that year in 1992, I went on to take my first British title as a natural bodybuilder, the EFBB junior under 18 Mr Britain. Then in 1994, age 19 I captured the EFBB British under 21 title, and was selected to compete in the IFBB world championships in Izmir, Turkey. After this success as a junior I took time off to concentrate on my studies and future career.

Seven years later in 2001, I came back to the stage and entered the BNBF open, winning the middleweights but losing out on the overall. In 2002 I took second, and in 2003 after three attempts I finally won the class and British overall, qualifying me as a professional natural bodybuilder. In my debut pro show that same year (the WNBF worlds) I placed 2nd, a feat that I repeated in 2004. Determined to give it one more shot, I took a year off in 2005 to improve and returned the following season to finally capture the WNBF Overall Pro world title, considered by many to be the pinnacle of the natural sport. In 2007 I took 2nd again, giving me a total of 4 top-two finishes over 5 years at world championship level.

2007 WNBF Pro Worlds 2nd (MW)
2006 WNBF Pro Worlds 1st & Overall (MW)
2004 WNBF Pro Worlds 2nd (LW)
2003 WNBF Pro Worlds 2nd (LW)
2003 BNBF British 1st and Overall (MW)
2003 EFBB East Midlands 1st (MW)
2002 BNBF British 2nd (MW)
2001 BNBF British 1st (MW)
2001 EPF Midlands 3rd (u85kg)
1994 IFBB Worlds (junior u21 u70kg)
1994 EFBB British 1st (u21 u75kg)
1994 EFBB South West 1st (u21 u75kg)
1992 EFBB British 1st (u18)
1992 EFBB East England 1st (u18)
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